What is the difference between your lashes & drugstore lashes? 

  1. Drugstore lashes are not made to last for more than a few wears, are thinner and less dramatic. Our lashes are made with a durable cotton band that helps the lashes last longer and our lashes are made with real mink or faux mink which adds to the longevity of the lashes. 

How many times can I wear the lashes?

  1. With proper cleaning and care of the lashes, they can easily last you 15-20 wears. 

How do I clean them?

  1. We suggest you gently take the residual glue off the lash band and use micellar water to clean the actual lashes. Check out this tutorial down we have linked. 

Where do you get the lashes? 

  1. These lashes are all handmade by a vendor who is overseas. 

Do you ship internationally? 

  1. YES! We ship internationally. Please be advised that due to measures that are beyond our control with CanadaPost, some countries may be on the list of countries they are NOT shipping to due to COVID-19. For more information on this, please contact us at xclusivlashes@gmail.com and we can further discuss. 

My package is lost or stolen what do I do? 

  1. Please refer to our shipping policy page for more details regarding this topic. 

I saw the same lashes on a different website for a cheaper price, can you price match them for me? 

  1. Unfortunately the answer is no. We do not offer any type of price matching for any product. 

How do I get featured on your Instagram Page? 

  1. Be sure to tag us #xclusivlashes or @xclusivlashes so that we know that you purchased and would like to be featured. 

Do you offer any discounts? 

  1. All of our discounts will be posted either on our instagram page or on our website. Keep an eye out for them for extra savings. 

Do you offer vegan friendly options?

  1. We offer faux mink lashes which are 100% vegan friendly and have a variety on styles!

If you have any other questions not covered on this page, feel free to give us a shout on our contact page!