Meet the CEO

Hello everyone! My name is Lily, you may have seen me on our instagram page, and I am the CEO and Founder of XclusivLashes. As the bigboss of the business I wanted to introduce myself to all of my customers and future customers. 

I started XclusivLashes as I have always been interested in the cosmetic industry and have always wanted to have my own business and be my own boss. January 2019 I had the thought of creating a lash business. I did some research and brainstormed but thats as far as I got. January 2020 I had realized that I no longer wanted this to only be a thought for it to become a reality. After extensive research I launched my business in April 2020 and have not looked back since. 

The reason why I started this was because as a student who studied cosmetic business, I was going through endless packs of lashes and was never satisfied with how I wanted the lashes to look not only on myself but on my practice clients in class. I was also not happy with how much I was spending on one pair of lashes only for them to last me 3-4 wears. I wanted to start a lash business where I could make sure the products were affordable but also durable and give a better effect than drugstore lashes. Why spend $6 for lashes that I could only wear a couple times, instead of spending a couple dollars more for lashes that would last at least 15 wears. 

My goal is to make sure that my consumers get what they pay for. Offering student friendly pricing for a glamorous look.